The structure of the faucet

The faucet is composed of the main body, spool, handle, filter nozzle, outlet, installation components and so on.Some faucets also include Check Valve, bubbler Aerator, fixing bolt, fixing copper sheet, gasket, bending foot, hose, pass gauge, Check gauge, etc. Different faucets may be different.

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The Ceramic Disc Ceramic is the core part of the tap.Valve core is the heart of the faucet, control water flow switch, flow and hot and cold mixing ratio, the quality of the valve core determines the function of the faucet reliability and service life.

The valve core of faucet is divided into rubber valve core, shaft roller valve core, ceramic valve core and stainless steel ball valve core according to the material, according to the use of functions are divided into manual valve core, thermostatic valve core and magnetic induction valve core three.

The cast iron faucet that the faucet that USES rubber core is helix type to open more, had been eliminated basically now;Ceramic valve core is a new generation of valve core material, sealing performance is good, physical performance is stable, long service life, general requirements can open and close more than 300,000 times, according to the daily open and close 30 times calculation, can guarantee for more than 20 years without leakage, now the market is basically sold ceramic valve core faucet.

Ceramic valve core mainly has 25mm,35mm,40mm,42mm and 47mm five different diameters.Famous ceramic spool brands include SEDAL in Spain, KEROX in Hungary, prusfluesh in Germany, Hydroplast in Italy, NTK in Japan, Vernrt in France and other thermostatic spool brands, which are commonly used in Taiwan, such as kangqin, mingzhan, hanyou and zhuhai.

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