The material of the faucet

The main material of faucet is cast iron, plastic, brass, ceramic, glass, jade, crystal, stainless steel, alloy material faucet, etc.Cast iron faucets have been eliminated, some low-end faucets are made of plastic, some special faucets are made of stainless steel and other materials, and some low-grade faucets are made of brass, with zinc alloy as handles. Now the faucets sold in the market are basically made of brass.The brass that makes faucet USES H59 commonly,H62,H65 low lead copper, contain lead content in 2.5% below, accord with the regulation of national GB/T1176, harmless to human body health.Copper to copper ingot and copper rod – based, but also a small amount of use of copper tube.


Post time: Aug-28-2019