Classification of faucets (2)

3) According to use function, can be divided into basin faucet, bathtub faucet, shower faucet, kitchen sink faucet, body cleaner faucet, flushing valve, induction flushing valve, outdoor faucet and so on.Generally speaking, the outlet of bibcock of face basin is lower, shorter, the faucet that the kitchen USES is long mouth commonly but rotary type, installation is in two clean between basin.The distance between the shower bibcock of mix water two take in water hole is 15CM+/ -1cm commonly, partial shower bibcock contains top gush and hand-held flower to asperse besides still contain next give water mouth, the take water outside convenient shower, pure body implement bibcock outlet is ok 360 degrees rotate.

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4) According to the temperature of the water, it can be divided into single cold faucet, cold and hot mixed faucet and constant temperature faucet.The thermostatic faucet is equipped with a thermally sensitive element at the outlet of the thermostatic valve core, which makes use of the characteristics of the temperature sensing element to push the valve core of the valve body to move, block or open the inlet of cold and hot water, so that the outlet temperature is always kept constant.The constant temperature faucet on market USES memory alloy, paraffin, stable pressure valve 3 kinds of means to achieve constant temperature effect more, the hydraulic pressure of constant temperature faucet has certain requirement, general requirement is in 0.1-0.5Mp, the pressure difference that still has cold, hot water cannot be too big.If the hot water pressure of the thermostatic faucet is less than 0.05, the thermostatic faucet is not applicable.The hot water temperature is generally required to be 49-80 ° c, and the thermostat knob can be set anywhere between 35 ° c and 65 ° c.The constant temperature faucet is set with a 38℃ safety button to prevent scalding.


5) According to the installation structure, it can be divided into integrated Centerset, isolated Widespread, dark wall-mount and Waterfall.


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