Classification of faucets (1)

1) According to the structure, it can be divided into single type, double type and triple type faucet.Single type faucet has only one water inlet pipe, connect only one water pipe, can be hot water pipe or cold water pipe, the general kitchen faucet is more commonly used.Double type can receive hot and cold two pipes at the same time, more for bathroom basin and hot water supply of the kitchen basin faucet;In addition to connect hot and cold water two pipes, can also connect the shower nozzle, mainly used for bathtub faucet.The single-handle faucet can adjust the temperature of hot and cold water through one handle, while the double-handle faucet needs to adjust the temperature of cold water and hot water respectively.

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2) It can be divided into screw type, wrench type, lift type, press type, touch type and induction type.When the helical handle is opened, it rotates many times.The wrench type handle only needs to rotate 90 degrees;Lift the open handle only need to lift the water;As long as the induction type faucet handle extends to the faucet, it will automatically give water.Additional, still have the faucet that a kind of delay closes, after closing switch, water still can flow again a few seconds just stop, the dirty thing that touches on the hand when shutting faucet so still can flush clean again.Induction tap application of infrared induction principle, drive power supply ac A/C dc D/C two kinds.Ac is 220V/50Hz or A/C110V/60Hz. Dc is driven by four no.5 batteries with A voltage of 6V.


Post time: Sep-16-2019