Tap structure

For the faucet on the market, must want to use as a daily life of the important things that defend bath, we just know different brands, different material price difference is very big, but how do we ever think faucet structure of?Actually to faucet, different product, its structure also is not the same, for example we common face basin, vegetable basin and bath crock are very different.So let’s introduce you to the faucet structure.
Tap valve core
The faucet valve core is the lifeblood of the faucet, which largely determines the quality and service life of the faucet.The faucet valve core mainly consists of ceramic valve core, ball valve core, stainless steel valve core, and rubber valve core.Ceramic valve core is the best at present, good sealing performance, physical stability.The faucet of general ceramic valve core can use 5-10 years.
Faucet finish
The faucet surface mainly has chromium plating, titanium plating, paint spraying, gold plating, grinding and other treatment.Buy faucet to want to consider the surface coating thickness, if coating surface is bright and clean, how to show coating quality is good.Thick coating is not easy to fall off aging.
Tap body
The main body of the faucet refers to the pipe body, mainly made of bronze, but now it has been replaced by brass. The content of high-grade faucet copper is more than 85%.
The simple structure of the tap changes the way we use water.When buying and buying faucet, want to look at the quality of faucet from faucet every structural component, want to notice the good or bad of valve core especially.

Post time: Jun-10-2018