Pegasus Kitchen Faucets – A Beginner’s Guide

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So, you’ve decided that you need a new kitchen faucet but you’re not sure where to begin. You’re in good company. After all, how often do folks really need to buy a new faucet? Even though this may be the case, buying a new faucet is not something you should take lightly or without doing a little bit of research. Fortunately, choosing the right kitchen faucet is child’s play once you know what to look for. Once you’ve taken these few tips to heart, you’ll be able to make a wise buying decision; one that will last you for many years to come.

Question #1: Is the faucet you are replacing a Pegasus or is this a spot that has never had a faucet and requires the installation of a new one? This is a necessary question because if one already existed here the required plumbing will be in place. In this instance, you will most likely decide to choose another Pegasus which has the same line up as the faucet you took out. So check and see what the total number of holes are in the sink.

One-Piece Faucets

Some sinks only have a single hole. If this is the case, the faucet you will need is a single handle faucet. This type only requires one hole for the spout and handle. (If you want to add a sprayer this will require an extra hole.)

Faucet with Three Pieces

If your sink is one of the older types with three holes your faucet is probably a two handle. With one hole for the hot water, one for the cold and one for the spout there may be an extra one if a sprayer is present. Kitchen sinks of some types have combined soap dischargers and sprayers which shows how important it is to make sure of the number of holes.

Question #2: How much space do you have? Before you purchase among the wide range of Pegasus kitchen faucets, you’ll want to measure the area in which the new faucet will be installed so that you’ll be sure it fits the space before you install it.

Question #3: The handles are another matter of preference. Do you want the single handle that is turned to the left or the right to choose the temperature or the type with two handles? This type uses one handle for hot water and one for cold. The one piece type of faucet will have the handle on the faucet or there will be a handle to the side which is the same area sprayers are placed. This choice is just a preference for the one who will be using the sink.

Question #4: When choosing from all the Pegasus faucets available which one suits the way you want your kitchen to look and fits with your decor? Since they are available in such as wide variety it sometimes makes this a difficult decision. Many opt for the simple faucet when choosing the one they are going to install. Often they will choose one that closely resembles the one that was taken out. These typical faucets are normally very basic and have chrome plating. The old faucet was one they were used to seeing everyday and they may not want to replace it with something fancy or too far off from the original. There are those who like trying new looks and may choose a quite fancy design or even a European type of faucet carried by Pegasus, Kohler and Moen which are quite elegant. The high end look that you may want to create are available from Pegasus who carries a nice variety of styles which includes brushed nickel and chrome. The Pegasus brand of faucet is a private label from Home Depot This will be easily found online as well as in the physical stores.

Question #5: What kind of sprayer do you want? Your choices are simple: Either separated from the faucet or integrated within the faucet itself. Again, there is no clear-cut advantage of one over the other. It’s really just a matter of preference.

Question #6: Do you wash large pots and pans in the sink? If you like to cook and find yourself dirtying large kitchen pans and utensils in the process, you may wish to choose a kitchen faucet that has a long, swan-like neck; one which provides you with ample room to wash large and deep pots and pans.

Question #7: Would you prefer to have a water filter?

If you like the idea of filtering your own tap water rather than paying for bottled water, you might want to choose a faucet with a built-in filter. With a built-in filter faucet, you get the added convenience of pouring clean, healthy water, but even faucets without built-in filters can usually accommodate a filter attachment.

Question #8: Are you planning to install your own kitchen faucet or call in a professional? This can make a big difference due to the complicated differences that are specific to certain types of sinks. There are some faucets the mount from the top of the sink and some that mount from the bottom of the sink. The directions for each are totally different. The types of mechanisms for faucets include four main ones:
1) cartridge,
2) ball valve,
3) compression valve and
4) ceramic disk.
The type chosen will not make a difference in the day to day use, but if a repair is needed some are easier than others. If you are planning on doing this yourself, research and pick your parts sensibly.

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